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Rider Updates & Alerts
MetroLink: MetroLink Work Scheduled September 29 Through October 2
MetroLink: MetroLink Work Scheduled October 3 Through October 5
MetroBus: #4 Chaifetz Arena Events- for use when Compton is blocked by heavy traffic
MetroBus: #90 Train on Tracks at Goodfellow and Gladys REVISION #2
MetroBus: #90 Train on Tracks- Germania between Primm and Alabama
MetroBus: #2 Cars Parked Illegally- Enright at Westgate - Revised to include Northbound
MetroBus: #73 Illegal Parking- Lemp and Pestalozzi
MetroBus: #40, 40X, 58X, 410X Rams Games
MetroBus: #2 Construction-Ferguson closed between Page and Etzel for bridge construction
MetroBus: #34 Rams Way Closed- Rams Practice
MetroBus: #258 - Reconstruction of the Chesterfield Parkway West Bridge (Effective March 31st)
MetroBus: #48 - Jefferson Barracks Bridge Construction (Traffic congestion on I-55) Saturdays only-as needed.
MetroBus: #6 IL, #8 IL, #9 IL - Blocked on Baugh/I-64 Construction
MetroBus: #36X, #40X, #58X, #174X - Construction blocking Chestnut at 11th Street
MetroBus: #59 Dogtown - Construction on Dale at Kraft (As needed)
MetroBus: #2 Red - Cranes on Enright between Eastgate and Westgate
MetroBus: #66 Clayton-Airport, #97 Delmar - Clayton Parties in the Park
MetroBus: #21 SAFB Main Base Shuttle - Constuction on Scott and Heritage
MetroBus: #27 North County Shuttle, #47 North Hanley - No service at Jamestown Mall
MetroBus: #17X Lebanon-Mascoutah - Construction on 6TH St. and Harnett
MetroBus: #4 Natural Bridge & Call-A-Ride UMSL South Station will be inaccessible
MetroBus: #17 IL Carlyle Plaza-17TH Street - Temporary reroute
MetroBus: #75 Lilac Hanley - Bridge work on Dunn Road
MetroBus: #8 Bates-Morganford - Sewer & road work on Morganford between Chippewa and Bates
MetroBus: #8 IL Alta Sita - Construction on 18TH Street and Lynch
MetroBus: #14 Botanical Gardens, #80 Park Shaw - Construction, Trucks blocking Taylor (Until 3PM)
MetroBus: #6 Rosemont, #8 Alta Sita, #9 Washington Park - Construction departing Emerson Park Station
MetroBus: #1 IL Main Street-State Street - Construction on Collinsville at Missouri (Reinstated)
MetroBus: #2 Cahokia & #2X Waterloo As Needed for Flooding on 8th Street (Whenever 8th Street is Flooded)
MetroBus: #4 19th & Central - Dr ML King: Street Paving (from Tue., 16 Sept., 2014 as needed when streets are being paved)
MetroBus: #4 & #8 Go! St Louis Halloween 5k & 10k and Half Marathon Fun Runs (Sun., 12 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #10 & #11 Go! St Louis Halloween 5k & 10k and Half Marathon Fun Runs (Sun., 12 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #30 & #32 Go! St Louis Halloween 5k & 10k and Half Marathon Fun Runs (Sun., 12 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #40, #41, & #73 Go! St Louis Halloween 5k & 10k and Half Marathon Fun Runs (Sun., 12 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #74, #94, #97, & #99 Go! St Louis Halloween 5k & 10k and Half Marathon Fun Runs (Sun., 12 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #41 Lee - Ameren Working at 20th and Cass (Wed., 17 Sept., 2014 Until Further Notice)
MetroBus: #48 South Lindbergh & #58 Clayton Ballas - Construction at Missouri Baptist (Beginning Mon., 22 Sept., 2014 for approximately 2 weeks)
MetroBus: #21 Scott AFB Main Base Shuttle - Street Repairs (9am Mon., 22 Sept., 2014 - Until Further Notice)
MetroBus: #94 Page - at DR ML King and T.E. Huntley - (from Thurs., 18 Sept., 2014 Until Further Notice)
MetroBus: #97 Delmar - Water Main Break - As Needed when Streets are Blocked (Beginning Wed., 24 Sept., 2014)
MetroBus: #58 Clayton Ballas - Construction on Brentwood - (Sat., 27 Sept., 2014 - Until Further Notice)
MetroBus: #32 DR ML King Chouteau - Grove Fest - (8am to End of Service Sat., 4 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #59 Dogtown - Half Way to the Day 5k Run - (Sun., 5 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #4, #10, #11 - Sista Strut (Sat., 4 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #30, #32, #41 - Sista Strut (Sat., 4 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #74, #94, #97 - Sista Strut (Sat., 4 Oct., 2014)
MetroBus: #3 Forest Park Trolley - Construction blocking entrance to Science Center
Rider Updates & Alerts
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MetroLink Work Scheduled September 29 Through October 5
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